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Hack Attack
October 16, 2009, 7:57 pm
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The other day I got my twitter account hacked. It was quite wonderful and sent my friends a message about how they could make $300.00 a day if they clicked on a link (which I also kindly supplied). Believe it or not, I actually have real employment, and I wouldn’t get involved in pyramid schemes if I didn’t. Everything at LearningZen has been going quite well, so I’m really not marinating the option of getting into shady online businesses.

It’s been a busy week, music has helped. I was never one of those people who needed complete silence and solitude to do work, I actually get more done with something happening in the background. I’d like to thank the beats of Chromeo, Matt & Kim, and The Walkmen (along with countless others) for picking me up and also simultaneously calming me down at the same time. This week has been pretty devoid of anything monumental, personally, but hopefully I can make it up mapby having an action-packed, fun filled weekend.

Next weekend (actually part of the week as well) I will be home in the glorious, glorious land of Connecticut. And by glorious I mean we cut down trees to build things like strip malls and mansions, and then name streets after them; it’s really cute! My road is off of Wood pond, which is off Rockledge, which is off Riverside. And yes, those things used to exist there until they blew them up. The joys of modern suburbia…I am headed to my homeland for to go to my first “friend” wedding. Isn’t it wierd that most of our parents were married with kids at 24, and I can’t even imagine getting married at all or in the remote future?

In any event it should be a good time, and I am actually looking forward to traveling back east for a little R & R and some quality time with friends I haven’t seen in awhile.


King of Glory
September 4, 2009, 4:47 pm
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Well here we are: Friday. The little day know around the office as “blog day”.  Sure, it’s a little more fun for me; who can write about anything under the sun, as opposed to the developer’s and head honchos who blog about business time. I do end up blogging about work a lot, but it’s not always intentional. It’s just when you spend 5/7 days in one place, and the most significant hours of your day there; it kind of becomes your life. I welcome it.

In work related news, I got to do two really cool things this week. I love when the opportunity arises for me to create some course content, it’s hands down my favorite side task. #1 was a course on how to use twitter. If anyone knows me, they know I have an unhealthy passion for social networking sites, so I gladly accepted the challenge. Honestly my father, who is the most clueless man in the world when it comes to this stuff, could read it and become a twitter guru. #2 was a course I created for a non-profit I met at Airventure. Great group of people.

Speaking of writing, I’ve got two articles featured in the upcoming issue of Flawles. I’m more excited about this issue than the last because I a.) got to write about Rugby and b.) I got to interview comedian Vickie Shaw who I am actually a big fan of, so that was quite humbling.

Karen got into town last night, and it’s so great to see her. She got in pretty late (10 pm) but we couldn’t force ourselves to get to bed before 1 am. We’re those kind of friends that are pretty annoying to hang around as we share way too many personal jokes and have the same offbeat sense of humor that not everyone gets. While the rest of my friends were watching MTV in high school, I was watching Stranger’s With Candy and Upright Citizens Brigade. Now, these are the two best shows ever created and whenever I find someone who is as fanatic as I am with these shows; I know we are destined to be BFF.

I want to end by posting a video of Stephen Colbert on SWC that never fails to make me crack up. He played one of “Jerri Blanks” HS teachers and was quite a character to say the least:

Twitterific Twitter Tools
September 2, 2009, 7:20 pm
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  1. Twitpic. This is my favorite application, and very easy to use. It allows you to easily post pictures in your tweets. When you get to the site enter your twitter username and password where directed. In the upper right hand corner, click “Upload Photo”. You will be able to add a message as well.  
  2. TweetDeck. A free app that essentially organizes the overflow of @ replies, updates, notifications, etc. Twitter can be, rather it is, overwhelming. With TweetDeck you can organize people you follow into groups, and get real time updates right off your desktop. It’s kind of like a “mothership” for twitter, making it easier to manage. In addition, you can incorporate other apps into your TweetDeck Dashboard. Another similar app is called: DestroyTwitter.
  3. TwitterFeed. I also appreciate this app a lot, since I am an avid blogger. This app allows you to submit you RSS feed for your blog to TwitterFeed. This is a great way to promote your blog.
  4. HelloTxt. If you’ve ever seen Facebook status updates that look suspiciously like twitter updates, that’s because the person is probably using an app like HelloTxt to simultaneously post updates to more than one social network. It is pictured on the right. 
  5. TwitterFon and TwitterBerry are mobile applications that allow you to tweet on the fly. TwitterFon is for iPhones and TwitterBerry is for Blackberry’s. TinyTwitter works on any java enabled phone.
  6. BubbleTweet. While it seems as though Twitter is quite simplistic, apps give you a lot of room to let your personality shine through. BubbleTweet allows you to make a 30 second recording that appears over your twitter page and when it’s over it pops and goes away. Webcam required.
  7. TwitVid. If you want to tweet a video, sites like YouTube have a button to post it on twitter. However if you want to upload your own, TwitVid allows you to do so from your phone and your computer.
  8. Song.ly. This app allows you to share and discover music. It first asks you to type in a song title of mp3 link that you would like to tweet. I choose “Don’t Stop me Now” by Queen. After you submit you are taken to a page that hopefully has your option. If so, to the right there is a button to tweet it.  Click on it and it will then take you to your update page where there is script in your update box. Click update.
  9. Twttrstrm. If you like Squidoo, you’ll love the app powered by them-Twttrstrm. Basically you ask any old question, “Is the sky blue?” and it begins a discussion on twitter. It’s called “storm” because if anyone following you clicks and responds, it spread to their followers.
  10. Twtpoll. Create simple surveys, pie charts and all.

This isn’t an app but going to http://bit.ly will shorten your urls. Twitter automatically does it once you post, but if you want to save yourself some space you can shorten it yourself beforehand.