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December 18, 2009, 12:16 am
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Since working at LearningZen, I’ve been able to play around a lot and create a lot of cool courses. At this point I have 7 published courses, and one that I’m still tweaking. It’s allowed me to do what I love; learn, reflect, write, and share. I thought it’d be fun to review some of the content I’ve generated.

The first course I made was Stress Management in the Workplace. Although it was intended for the workplace, I think it really applies to dealing with overall stress in your life. Next was the Swine Flu course. Since everyone was freaking out about it, I put together some solid information about identifying whether or not you have the flu, precautions to avoid it, and how to treat it. In the trend of talent management, I added a course for Job Interview Success.

After meeting some folks in Oshkosk, WI at the EAA Airventure show-I put together an informative course about their non-profit organization. This was one of my favorite courses to make. Twitter for Begineers was basically my personal journey of figuring out what the heck it was, and then translating my experience for the rest of the free world. Most recently I took another stab at breaking it down and made a guide to using the new Windows 7.

I also attempted to make one for a company, Kwikpoint, to market and provide information about their product. At this point I’ve become an “expert” in several areas that I was not before and I really enjoy that aspect of content creation. I wonder what I will whip up next…


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