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King of Glory
September 4, 2009, 4:47 pm
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Well here we are: Friday. The little day know around the office as “blog day”.  Sure, it’s a little more fun for me; who can write about anything under the sun, as opposed to the developer’s and head honchos who blog about business time. I do end up blogging about work a lot, but it’s not always intentional. It’s just when you spend 5/7 days in one place, and the most significant hours of your day there; it kind of becomes your life. I welcome it.

In work related news, I got to do two really cool things this week. I love when the opportunity arises for me to create some course content, it’s hands down my favorite side task. #1 was a course on how to use twitter. If anyone knows me, they know I have an unhealthy passion for social networking sites, so I gladly accepted the challenge. Honestly my father, who is the most clueless man in the world when it comes to this stuff, could read it and become a twitter guru. #2 was a course I created for a non-profit I met at Airventure. Great group of people.

Speaking of writing, I’ve got two articles featured in the upcoming issue of Flawles. I’m more excited about this issue than the last because I a.) got to write about Rugby and b.) I got to interview comedian Vickie Shaw who I am actually a big fan of, so that was quite humbling.

Karen got into town last night, and it’s so great to see her. She got in pretty late (10 pm) but we couldn’t force ourselves to get to bed before 1 am. We’re those kind of friends that are pretty annoying to hang around as we share way too many personal jokes and have the same offbeat sense of humor that not everyone gets. While the rest of my friends were watching MTV in high school, I was watching Stranger’s With Candy and Upright Citizens Brigade. Now, these are the two best shows ever created and whenever I find someone who is as fanatic as I am with these shows; I know we are destined to be BFF.

I want to end by posting a video of Stephen Colbert on SWC that never fails to make me crack up. He played one of “Jerri Blanks” HS teachers and was quite a character to say the least:


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Tom says the twitter course is the best one in the system!

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