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Twitterific Twitter Tools
September 2, 2009, 7:20 pm
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  1. Twitpic. This is my favorite application, and very easy to use. It allows you to easily post pictures in your tweets. When you get to the site enter your twitter username and password where directed. In the upper right hand corner, click “Upload Photo”. You will be able to add a message as well.  
  2. TweetDeck. A free app that essentially organizes the overflow of @ replies, updates, notifications, etc. Twitter can be, rather it is, overwhelming. With TweetDeck you can organize people you follow into groups, and get real time updates right off your desktop. It’s kind of like a “mothership” for twitter, making it easier to manage. In addition, you can incorporate other apps into your TweetDeck Dashboard. Another similar app is called: DestroyTwitter.
  3. TwitterFeed. I also appreciate this app a lot, since I am an avid blogger. This app allows you to submit you RSS feed for your blog to TwitterFeed. This is a great way to promote your blog.
  4. HelloTxt. If you’ve ever seen Facebook status updates that look suspiciously like twitter updates, that’s because the person is probably using an app like HelloTxt to simultaneously post updates to more than one social network. It is pictured on the right. 
  5. TwitterFon and TwitterBerry are mobile applications that allow you to tweet on the fly. TwitterFon is for iPhones and TwitterBerry is for Blackberry’s. TinyTwitter works on any java enabled phone.
  6. BubbleTweet. While it seems as though Twitter is quite simplistic, apps give you a lot of room to let your personality shine through. BubbleTweet allows you to make a 30 second recording that appears over your twitter page and when it’s over it pops and goes away. Webcam required.
  7. TwitVid. If you want to tweet a video, sites like YouTube have a button to post it on twitter. However if you want to upload your own, TwitVid allows you to do so from your phone and your computer.
  8. Song.ly. This app allows you to share and discover music. It first asks you to type in a song title of mp3 link that you would like to tweet. I choose “Don’t Stop me Now” by Queen. After you submit you are taken to a page that hopefully has your option. If so, to the right there is a button to tweet it.  Click on it and it will then take you to your update page where there is script in your update box. Click update.
  9. Twttrstrm. If you like Squidoo, you’ll love the app powered by them-Twttrstrm. Basically you ask any old question, “Is the sky blue?” and it begins a discussion on twitter. It’s called “storm” because if anyone following you clicks and responds, it spread to their followers.
  10. Twtpoll. Create simple surveys, pie charts and all.

This isn’t an app but going to http://bit.ly will shorten your urls. Twitter automatically does it once you post, but if you want to save yourself some space you can shorten it yourself beforehand.


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