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Tanya has not died of cholera.
May 28, 2009, 10:53 pm
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I’m fairly certain that before I delve head first into the inner workings of my being, an obligatory introductory post is in order.


December 26, 2008: I hitched up my Conestoga wagon (okay, it was a Dodge Neon), and embarked on the Oregon Trail. I know I was lagging a good 150 or so odd years behind my trail-blazing pioneer friends but I wanted to avoid the snake bites, dysentery, cholera, measles and typhoid that always seemed to cut me down in my previous attempts. In case you were wondering, my previous attempts were made on a Macintosh computer circa 1990.

When I was a young lass playing Oregon Trail, I often used to tire of the game. Therefore when it gave me the option to either continue on to the Oregon territory or settle in Salt Lake City, UT; I usually chose the latter. Apparently life not only imitates TV but floppy disks as well, because ultimately I ended up settling in ye old land of the Great Salt Lake nearly a decade later.

Most locals look at me with profound disgust when I tell them how much I love living in Utah, which is ironic seeing as they’ve never left themselves. It’s practically heaven for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers alike. In fact, it’s so beautiful sometimes that I fancy it as a mirage. I had a friend who recently said: “I’m looking at your most recent photos, and I’m starting to think Utah doesn’t really exist. It’s a made up place like Never-Never Land and Oz. You hide the munchkins well, I must say.”

That we do Courtney, that we do.

I have a great job where I get to spread the wealth of free knowledge to the people who desire it. This is something I really believe in. Such things should be free; although I’m not sure the student loan debt collector who calls me every week would agree.

I feel as though this first entry surpassed the target length I was going for and my readers have gone from “somewhat interested” to “somebody stop her!” On that note, I will write more later.

Signing off,


A glorious, magical rainbow.

A glorious, magical rainbow in Utah.


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Oregon Trail is AMAZING!!!!

Comment by kirk medlyn

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