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New LearningZen Features
December 30, 2009, 9:52 pm
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LearningZen is pleased to introduce the addition of two new exciting and innovative features! 

While we have always had the ability to include video in your courses, we have now added a convenient YouTube™ button that makes transferring your videos a one step, easy, and automated process. Simply copy and paste the embed field from an uploaded YouTube™ video (whether it’s yours or someone else’s) and click “Insert YouTube Video”. It’s that easy and you can even customize the size and appearance of the video before inclusion.

The second feature, implemented as a direct request from our user community, is the capability to upload existing PowerPoint presentations onto LearningZen.com. We have selected SlideBoom™, an easy-to-use slide hosting service to work in conjunction with our existing course editor. You can create a free account on SlideBoom™, upload your presentations, and use the embedded address they provide you to paste into the LearningZen.com course editor box.

This is one of several features that have come straight from our community. We honor our users’ requests and strive to build our site so that is beneficial to those who use it. Do not hesitate to contact us directly with any ideas or comments you have: Tanya@learningzen.com.

course guru
December 18, 2009, 12:16 am
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Since working at LearningZen, I’ve been able to play around a lot and create a lot of cool courses. At this point I have 7 published courses, and one that I’m still tweaking. It’s allowed me to do what I love; learn, reflect, write, and share. I thought it’d be fun to review some of the content I’ve generated.

The first course I made was Stress Management in the Workplace. Although it was intended for the workplace, I think it really applies to dealing with overall stress in your life. Next was the Swine Flu course. Since everyone was freaking out about it, I put together some solid information about identifying whether or not you have the flu, precautions to avoid it, and how to treat it. In the trend of talent management, I added a course for Job Interview Success.

After meeting some folks in Oshkosk, WI at the EAA Airventure show-I put together an informative course about their non-profit organization. This was one of my favorite courses to make. Twitter for Begineers was basically my personal journey of figuring out what the heck it was, and then translating my experience for the rest of the free world. Most recently I took another stab at breaking it down and made a guide to using the new Windows 7.

I also attempted to make one for a company, Kwikpoint, to market and provide information about their product. At this point I’ve become an “expert” in several areas that I was not before and I really enjoy that aspect of content creation. I wonder what I will whip up next…

Vote for Katie’s Snowboard Design!
December 8, 2009, 8:01 pm
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Click on this link to vote for Katie: VOTE!

November 30, 2009, 9:54 pm
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It’s that time of the year again. That special time of the year when snow dumps in the Wasatch Range and PBR flows like water. Snowbird opened on November 20th this year and I couldn’t have been happier to get into my ski boots. I am more than enthused that I sacked up and got a season pass this year; last year I only opted for the spring pass and my wallet suffered incredibly. Simply because the snow was so incredible and I couldn’t rationalize not playing in it. I don’t understand people who live in Utah and don’t like the snow. It’s one of the biggest mysteries of life to me. Move to Florida.

I’m thinking rather optimistically about this season. I’ve already decorated a candle specifically for Ullr. A night of festering boredom lead to me using silver duct tape to concoct a duct tape skier accompanied by duct tape snowflakes and mountains. I’m either a very creative individual, or I need to find a hobby; you pick. I figured lighting a candle was probably more ethical than sacrificing young virgins to the great snow gods.

In the wise, wise words of Salt N Peppa, I plan on “pushing it real good” this season. I really want some good progression this year, and I won’t settle for any less. Here’s to the start of a new season! Also, a totally unrelated picture of my dog in the snow, isn’t she the cutest?


Way to drop the ball Maine! (Bit of a rant)
November 6, 2009, 12:28 am
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Yesterday was a sad day. Maine overturned a ruling that previously allowed same-sex marriages when they took it to the polls. Similar instances have happened now in thirty-one US States. There’s a little something disheartening in that number. If you recall there are only 50 states in the US, and if 31/50 have voted against this that means 62% of them thus far have smacked equality right where it hurts. The funny thing was, I was always indifferent with this. Do I even want to get married someday? Does it even matter? As I’ve grown inside and outside I’ve realized that it certainly does matter.

And it’s not the actual issue of marriage that matters, it’s the fact that gays and lesbians in our country are being regarded as second class citizens. By excluding homosexuals from the rights of United States citizen, you are demoting them to a “less than” citizen. They have limited legal rights, civil rights and economic opportunities and this very principle is a violation of our basic human rights and our own constitution.

When I was a young punk I scoffed at the idea of fighting for my rights. What are they talking about? I have rights! Come to find out later in life…I really don’t. I have to file “single” on my tax return. If my partner was in the hospital, there’s a chance I wouldn’t be able to see her considering I am not a family member or spouse. I’ve been called perverted, ungodly, immoral, and confused. But what’s worse is when I’m told I choose to be these things. And, for the record, I don’t consider myself any of the aforementioned adjectives.

I am a productive member of society. I work, I pay my taxes, I volunteer, and I am in a committed relationship based on the same values as any other. It breaks my heart more and more than I am considered anything less than other citizens who have been blessed with the normalcy and convenience of heterosexuality. Don’t get me wrong: I wouldn’t have my life any other way exactly than how it is.

I am just utterly befuddled that the general population gets a say in my personal life. It makes me angry. It makes me want to go into their weddings, and simply shut the whole operation down and tell them: “Sorry but you can’t do this.” And when they ask why I’ll just say, “I don’t know, cause I said so.” Why is this something to be voted on? Why do other people get to decide? It makes me want to throw up my hands and have an all out hissy fit at no one in particular.

But then I remember to breath. And I think to myself “Instead of kicking and screaming, why don’t I do something about it?” To the Beastie Boys dismay I will no longer just be fighting for my right to party, but I will be fighting for my rights. Maybe I’ll see you there. If not, maybe I will see you when I come and crash your wedding!

Back In Action
November 3, 2009, 10:21 pm
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A lot has happened since I last posted, and it all went by in one all too fast blur. The wedding was absolutely beautiful although it happened to be the one day it rained that I was home. I’ve never really considered getting married but after watching the wedding and seeing the envelopes full of money and tables full of gifts; I’m thinking more seriously about it.

Coming back from a vacation is tough. Whether it was a trip for business or pleasure, it’s hard to get back into the swing of things. Everything was just as I left it at LearningZen.com, right down to where I left my coffee cup and notebook sitting. Compared to the last trip I took, my inbox was forgiving. I was able to follow-up and get on my feet in a matter of a day, rather than multiple days.

The developers have been working hard on the Premium Services aspect of the site and updating features that our clients have requested in the system. Unfortunately we lost Bruce (to another project…he’s still alive) so I now longer enjoy his always smiling face at a moments glance. In any event, today I got to go shopping for swag which is actually really fun! We managed to run out of LearningZen tee-shirts and are down to our last box of water bottles. Although I was tempted to get somewhat redicules things with our logo on it I settled for pens, stress balls, water bottles, and hand sanitizer. I’m so boring!

Hack Attack
October 16, 2009, 7:57 pm
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The other day I got my twitter account hacked. It was quite wonderful and sent my friends a message about how they could make $300.00 a day if they clicked on a link (which I also kindly supplied). Believe it or not, I actually have real employment, and I wouldn’t get involved in pyramid schemes if I didn’t. Everything at LearningZen has been going quite well, so I’m really not marinating the option of getting into shady online businesses.

It’s been a busy week, music has helped. I was never one of those people who needed complete silence and solitude to do work, I actually get more done with something happening in the background. I’d like to thank the beats of Chromeo, Matt & Kim, and The Walkmen (along with countless others) for picking me up and also simultaneously calming me down at the same time. This week has been pretty devoid of anything monumental, personally, but hopefully I can make it up mapby having an action-packed, fun filled weekend.

Next weekend (actually part of the week as well) I will be home in the glorious, glorious land of Connecticut. And by glorious I mean we cut down trees to build things like strip malls and mansions, and then name streets after them; it’s really cute! My road is off of Wood pond, which is off Rockledge, which is off Riverside. And yes, those things used to exist there until they blew them up. The joys of modern suburbia…I am headed to my homeland for to go to my first “friend” wedding. Isn’t it wierd that most of our parents were married with kids at 24, and I can’t even imagine getting married at all or in the remote future?

In any event it should be a good time, and I am actually looking forward to traveling back east for a little R & R and some quality time with friends I haven’t seen in awhile.